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Meaning Into Words Upper Inetrmediate Student Book

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Meaning Into Words Upper Inetr Student Book By Adrian Doff, Christopher Jones, Keith Mitchell
Meaning into Words is a course in general English, which takes students from intermediate level to the upper intermediate level.It is divided into two parts: an Intermediate course and an Upper-Intermediate course. The two parts can either be used as a single continous course, or separately as two independent courses.The course systematically covers the functional, notional and grammatical areas that are important to students at this level. In each unit, students are taught the relationship between structures and meaning and learn how to use structures in a communicative context.The Intermediate course contains 24 units, providing 100-130 classroom hours. A guide to the answers is given in the Teacher’s

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Adrian Doff,

Christopher Jones,

Keith Mitchell


Cambridge University Press


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