Linear Algebra A Geometric Approach
Linear Algebra A Geometric Approach
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Linear Algebra A Geometric Approach

  • Functional analysis is a core subject and has numerous applications in other fields of mathematics as well as physical sciences and engineering.
  • This book is written keeping this facts in mind. Along with a friendly but rigorous treatment the book gives applications of the subject to other branch of mathematics.
  • To attend to a larger audience,the analytical arguments are spelled out in detail with perspicacious comments and insightful remarks.
  • Many of the examples and exercises are new at a book of this level and included to serve the aims listed above.
  • The book promoted active learning by means of simple questions peppered along the way and teaches mathematics with A global perspective.


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Linear Algebra A Geometric Approach By S. Kumaresan  ISBN 9788184872576

This clear, concise and highly readable text is designed for a first course in linear algebra and is intended for undergraduate courses in mathematics. It focusses throughout on geometric explanations to make the student perceive that linear algebra is nothing but analytic geometry of n dimensions. From the very start, linear algebra is presented as an extension of the theory of simultaneous linear equations and their geometric interpretation is shown to be a recurring theme of the subject. The integration of abstract algebraic concepts with the underlying geometric notions is one of the most distinguishing features of this book — designed to help students in the pursuit of multivariable calculus and differential geometry in subsequent courses.Explanations and concepts are logically presented in a conversational tone and well-constructed writing style so that students at a variety of levels can understand the material and acquire a solid foundation in the basic skills of linear algebra.

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