English Works 1 by Jo Shackleton Chris Marshall


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English Works tackles in depth all of the Key Objectives of the National Framework for Teaching English, for each year of Key Stage 3. Designed to allow the teacher time and flexibility, each book in the series provides engaging units of work that successfully address clusters of Key Objectives, and can be selected to fit in with any English department’s scheme of work. As no unit is more than 15 lessons long, and all the Key Objectives are targeted in a total of 75 lessons per year, the teacher has the freedom to extend and develop his or her own curriculum around this supportive base.


  • Tackles all the Key Objectives in depth and exemplifies good practice.
  • Is unique in providing supportive guidance material for conducting differentiated Guided Reading and Guided Writing sessions. Two units in each book contain lessons delivered through Guided Reading and Guided Writing. One further unit in each book contains Guided Reading delivered through a Wider Reading approach.
  • Retains a commitment to  English in context, to the study of complete texts and to the in-depth study of literary and non-fiction texts.
  • Provides a range of activities which are supported through exploration of a variety of appealing texts. The activities are divided into a lesson-by-lesson sequence, each objectives-led, and cover word, sentence and whole text approaches.
  • Includes a Self Review unit in each book, and also provides work that prepares pupils for National Tests.
  • Is complemented by a CD of recordings such as radio interviews and famous speeches, and a CD:ROM delivering Key ICT objectives (Digital Learning Objectives) from the English Framework.
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