Cambridge Primary Mathematics Teacher’s Resource 1 with Digital Access

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Cambridge Primary Mathematics Teacher’s Resource 1 with Digital Access By Cherri Moseley, Janet Rees ISBN 9781108771498

With everything you need to plan and run your lessons, this teacher’s resource helps you get the most out of the series. You’ll find starter activities and lesson suggestions to supplement the learner’s book and workbook, as well as learner’s book and workbook answers. There are language support suggestions, along with clearly identified assessment and differentiation ideas to help you meet all your learners’ needs. Includes access to further lesson ideas, worksheets with additional differentiation activities and language development worksheets in the accompanying digital resource.

  • The ‘Background knowledge’ section gives you key information on each unit so you have the detail you need to teach confidently
  • The ‘Teaching skills focus’ helps you develop your own teaching style and bring active learning, assessment for learning and differentiation into your classroom
  • ‘Common misconceptions’ highlight areas that learners frequently find challenging and show you how to overcome them
  • The lesson plan for each topic shows you how your lessons link to the Cambridge Primary Mathematics curriculum framework
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