Biology AS & A Level Digital Teacher’s Resource

  • Now includes a practical teacher’s guide to the accompany the practical workbook, with step by step instruction, differentiation advice, lists of equipment, safety considerations, advice on collection of data, presentation, analysis, drawing conclusions and evaluation.
  • Includes guidance on how to use the series and support with teaching strategies. Teaching notes include background knowledge, ideas for lesson starters, main activities and plenaries.
  • A topic teaching plan at the beginning of each chapter summarises number of lessons each topic will take and provides time-saving links to specific points in other resources. Suggested timings for each activity help teachers plan their lessons
  • Provides answers and example data, helpful when practical work cannot be carried out.
  • Skills grid provides a mapping document for the practical learning objectives.
  • Includes common student misconceptions to help plan and troubleshoot, as well as devise hinge questions.
  • Your digital teacher’s resource gives you access to everything you need to plan your teaching. Download every file you need to deliver a specific unit or lesson – you don’t have to rely on your internet connection.

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Cambridge International AS & A Level Biology Digital Teacher’s Resource By David Martindill, Mary Jones, Matthew Parkin

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This digital teacher’s resource is the perfect companion to the coursebook and workbooks, helping you bridge the gap between teaching theory and practice. It helps you support your learners, plan great lessons and teach to the syllabus. Including a guide to practicals, the resource provides a variety of active lesson ideas with timings. There is support to develop and enhance students’ investigative skills, with a step-by-step approach tailored to syllabus objectives. For each topic there are lesson ideas, wrap-up and reflection tips, and differentiation support. Activity ideas, provide extra content and suggestions for hinge questions to support assessment for learning.

  • Introduction
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Planning Guidance
  • Teaching Notes per Chapter & Topic
  • Support for Practicals
  • Answers to questions in resources

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