About the Publisher

Pearson Education

Pearson was founded in 1844 by Samuel Pearson and, whilst the business has evolved significantly since its roots as a building and engineering company, we’ve been creating the resources people need to learn and grow for many years. We understand the value of learning and we’ve spent years developing new ways to help people achieve their potential. Today, we’re one of the most progressive learning companies in the world. Our team of over 20,000 people work tirelessly to refine our digital platforms, key products and services, making them accessible to anyone, anywhere.

We work with globally recognised educational institutions, employers and governments. And our expertise crosses a broad range of subject matters and age groups. We help tens of millions of people access content, follow courses, sit assessments and gain qualifications in almost 200 countries (and counting), always with the aim of creating engaging learning experiences that deliver the right outcomes to help people achieve their potential.